Burke: career symposia, ratings changes will give sailors career flexibility

The Navy is preparing for its second career symposium for sailors and civilians by reviewing the results of the first one in Virginia Beach in August. The leader of the event was the Chief of Naval Personnel, Vice Admiral Robert Burke. In an exclusive conversation with National Defense Week, Admiral Burke explained the mission and goals of the career symposia, and why the Navy wants to help sailors and civilians shape their careers more proactively.

The Navy’s announcement that sailors would no longer be referred to by rating, but only by rank, has caused an uproar among the force. Some sailors hate the idea, while others prefer the concept. VADM Burke was one of the key players in making the decisions that led to the switch. He explained the genesis of the change on National Defense Week.

VADM Robert Burke on National Defense Week

Photo: Vice Admiral Robert Burke; courtesy U.S. Navy.

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