Eckstein: Littoral Combat Ships to get big added firepower

The Navy’s Rim of the Pacific exercise this summer will still include China, at least for now. Stars and Stripes reports Defense Secretary Ash Carter tells Congress the Pentagon is “constantly evaluating” China’s operations in the South China Sea; Carter didn’t agree to a request from Hawaii Democratic Congressman Mark Takai to disinvite the People’s Liberation Army Navy from participating in this year’s RIMPAC. Some of the Navy ships participating in RIMPAC this year will have some new firepower on board. Megan Eckstein is a staff writer for US Naval Institute News…she’s reporting on the additions to two Littoral Combat Ships.

Megan Eckstein on National Defense Week

Photo: The U.S. Navy littoral combat ships USS Independence (LCS-2), back, and USS Coronado (LCS-4) underway in the Pacific Ocean. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy.

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