Gelles: stopping insider threat more than just tech; changing behavior necessary

Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorson says cybersecurity is improving in the department. He lists it as one of his top three priorities. One obstacle to cyber defense is the insider threat. That threat exists in two types. Dr. Michael Gelles is Managing Director with Deloitte Consulting’s Federal practice. He’s former chief psychologist for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. His new book is “Insider Threat: Prevention, Detection, Mitigation and Deterrence.” He also discussed how technology is an enabler for automating the data collection that will detect insider threats in the future.

Mike Gelles on National Defense Week

Photo: Dr. Mike Gelles (center) speaks at a forum titled “Building a Holistic and Risk-Based Insider Threat Program,” at Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies, September 18, 2014. Photo courtesy Georgetown University.

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