Gen. Wald: additive manufacturing, 3D printing “game changer” for DoD

The lump of material that goes into a 3-D printer may turn out to be a powerful weapon against shrinking defense budgets, and against adversaries of the United States. General Chuck Wald (USAF ret.) is former Deputy Commander of United States European Command. He’s now Vice Chairman and Federal Practice Senior Advisor for Deloitte Services. Gen. Wald discussed additive manufacturing, how the US military is using it now, and how it can use it to its fullest potential, on National Defense Week.

Gen. Chuck Wald, Deloitte, on National Defense Week

The 3D Opportunity: Additive Manufacturing in Defense Forum – Deloitte
General Chuck Wald biography – Deloitte

IMAGE: courtesy Deloitte University Press, from “3D Opportunity for the Department of Defense: Additive manufacturing fires up

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