Gourley: insider threat possible factor in Equation Group hack, loss of cyber weapons

Some of the US government’s most advanced cyber espionage and hacking tools may be exposed to adversaries and available for sale on the black market. A group that calls itself the Shadow Brokers is offering tools it says it stole from the Equation Group. Many cyber experts believe the Equation Group is a hacking operation inside the National Security Agency. Many of those same experts believe the material the Shadow Brokers group is offering to sell for Bitcoins really is material stolen from the NSA. If that’s true, it would be the biggest threat to the government’s cyber operations since the Edward Snowden incident. One unanswered question is: how did the Shadow Brokers penetrate the NSA’s network – if that’s indeed what happened. Bob Gourley is co-founder and partner of Cognitio. He’s former Chief Technology Officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and he was the first Director of Intelligence (J2) at Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations, which later became part of US Cyber Command. He talked about the hack, and the insider threat possibility, on National Defense Week.

Bob Gourley on National Defense Week

Photo: National Security Agency headquarters, Fort Meade, MD. Photo courtesy National Security Agency.

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