Hammack: Army’s public/private partnerships save money, boost ops

The House Appropriations Committee passed an $81.6 billion budget for military construction and veterans programs this week. That number is good news or bad news, depending how you look at it. Defense News reports it’s $1.8 billion more than last year’s funding level, but it’s $1.2 billion less than the Obama administration asked for in its budget request. Katherine Hammack is Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment. She testified to an Appropriations subcommittee about the administration’s request. She told the subcommittee about two ways the Army partners with the private sector to save the Army money; she described them to National Defense Week in an exclusive interview at the Pentagon.

Katherine Hammack, US Army, on National Defense Week

Photo: Katherine Hammack, Francis Rose, by Dave Foster, Army Public Affairs

Watch the hearing:

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