Harrison: halfway through Budget Control Act, more of the same likely

The five-year anniversary of the Budget Control Act is just past us. President Obama signed it into law August 2nd, 2011. The BCA has caused a lot of turmoil in the federal government, especially for DoD. Budget cuts and layoffs because of sequestration were a result of the terms of the BCA. Todd Harrison is Director of Defense Budget Analysis and Senior Fellow in the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He released a video last week explaining the history behind the BCA, and its impact on defense budgets. He also published a column in Politico last week titled “The Wrong Way To Reduce Military Compensation.” He discussed both the BCA and military compensation on National Defense Week

Part 1 – BCA:

Todd Harrison on National Defense Week

Part 2 – MilComp

Todd Harrison on National Defense Week


Image courtesy CSIS.

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