McGarry: Senate kills commissary privatization experiment in FY17 NDAA

Four commissaries in South Korea are closing within the next year. reports the Defense Commissary Agency says they are coordinating the closures with actual troop relocation. A greater impact on commissaries – privatization – gets at least a delay this week in the debate over the National Defense Authorization Act. Brendan McGarry is Managing Editor of; his team has been following this story throughout its life. He discussed the latest on National Defense Week.

Brendan McGarry on National Defense Week

MORE: Shuttering Commissaries Required to Eliminate Taxpayer Subsidy: Report (

Photo: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, center, is briefed by Jacksonville Commissary Director Larry Bentley, left, and John Crayon, right, manager of the meat department, as he is given a tour of the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla., commissary on July 16, 2013. Hagel is visiting the station to conduct town hall meetings and receive briefings from Navy and civilian leaders on the impact of furloughs and sequestration on their lives and operations.

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