Piatt: Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office will push innovation to soldiers faster

Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning announced the standing up of the Rapid Capabilities Office at the end of August. Fanning named Doug Wiltsie the Director of the office, and Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt as the Rapid Capabilities Office Director for Operations. General Piatt described the progress so far on the RCO at this week’s Association of the US Army conference in Washington. He discussed the vision, strategy, and mission for the office. He also detailed how his team will change the dynamic of the Army’s acquisition process, one aspect of the RCO’s mission. Gen. Piatt also described how his experience in the field, including such posts as deputy commanding general for U.S. Army Europe, informs his work at RCO.

GEN Walter Piatt on National Defense Week

Photo courtesy U.S. Army Public Affairs.

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