Seck: Lockheed Martin claims F-35A cuts coming in next 3 years

The F-35 program may have turned the corner on spiraling costs – or at least one part of the program may have. The builder of the plane, Lockheed Martin, says it can get the price of each F-35A down from around $100 million now to around $85 million by 2019. Hope Hodge Seck, a reporter for, reports on the claims of price drops for the F-35A, and talked about those reports on National Defense Week.

Hope Hodge Seck,, on National Defense Week

Photo: A U.S. Air Force pilot navigates an F-35A Lightning II aircraft assigned to the 58th Fighter Squadron, 33rd Fighter Wing into position to refuel with a KC-135 Stratotanker assigned to the 336th Air Refueling Squadron over the northwest coast of Florida May 16, 2013. The F-35 Integrated Training Center was established at Eglin Air Force Base and was responsible for conducting student pilot training and maintainer training for Airmen, Marines and Sailors responsible for the aircraft. Courtesy

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  1. Don Bacon

    Baloney. Lockheed has made many false claims over the fourteen-year life of this fruitless development program and this is simply one more, without any basis. Anyhow Lockheed should be focused on completing F-35 development, not on the cost of the pre-production prototypes. First things first.


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