Selby: virtual ship, USS Secure, Navy’s test bed for cyber safe ships

The Navy is pushing innovation as one solution to tighter budgets and challenges in getting the weapons and tools it needs when its warfighters need them. One creation the Navy is building is a virtual warship. Rear Admiral Lorin Selby is Commander of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Admiral Selby talked about the Secure, and how it fits into the cybersecurity landscape for the Navy. He also explained the mission of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, and how its personnel serve the Navy as a whole.

RADM Lorin Selby on National Defense Week

RADM Lorin Selby official Navy bio
Navy Coalition Building Cybersafe USS Secure to Protect Fleet Warships and Weapon Systems

Graphic courtesy of U.S. Navy. The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) is leading the creation a virtual cyber testbed called USS Secure in conjunction with three Navy system commands, cyber defense leaders, and experts from coast to coast. The test bed is designed to make the Navy Warfare Centers’ cyber warfare vision. On the left, the cyber adversaries are being portrayed by certified and accredited Navy and Army Red Teams. The middle portrays a portion of the virtual test environment provided by Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, and the National Cyber Range. This virtual test environment includes hardware in the loop in addition to the live, virtual, and constructive components of the maritime testing environment in the form of laboratories and associated infrastructure. On the right, the cyber defenders are portrayed by the Network Operations Centers and the Cyber Protection Teams. 

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