Wheeler: DIUx quarterly results show promise for changing acquisition dynamics

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental announced its first quarterly results this week. DIUx has awarded over $36 million in contracts in its first 140 days. It says it has awarded 12 contracts since it opened for business in Mountain View, California in the spring. Maj.Gen. Robert Wheeler (USAF ret.) is special advisor to DIUx, and former Deputy Chief Information Officer for C4 in the Department of Defense. He explained what the results mean, now and for the future of DIUx, on National Defense Week.

Bob Wheeler on National Defense Week

Gen. Wheeler was a guest on a panel hosted by AFCEA DC this week, “Partnering With Industry For Innovation: DIUx.” National Defense Week host Francis Rose moderated the panel. The video is below.

Photo: Wheeler (center) speaks on a panel at an AFCEA DC event this week on DIUx. Photo courtesy cybersecuritytv.net.

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