National Defense Week, April 10, 2016

Bill Lynn, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, now CEO of Finmeccanica North America and DRS Technologies, on the Future Foundry task force he is leading with former NASA Administrator and Navy Secretary Sean O’Keefe; RADM Jamie Barnett (USN ret.) on the building of a new cyber facility at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and what the midshipmen who come out of the facility will need to be able to do to master the cyber domain; highlights of a speech by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at the Center for Strategic and International Studies this week, in which he rolled out the most ambitious defense reforms in a quarter century; Sam Lagrone, News Editor of the US Naval Institute, on why the head of Naval Intelligence for the past 18 months hasn’t been able to see any intel, and how the Navy will remedy the problem; and Lin Ezell, Director of the National Museum of the Marine Corps, on the grand reopening of the museum in Quantico, and new ways they are telling the Marine Corps story from Vietnam through Iraq and Afghanistan

National Defense Week 4/10/16

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