National Defense Week, April 17, 2016

Part 2 with former Deputy Secretary of Defense Bill Lynn, this week on research and development to help DoD maintain strategic and technological advantages over adversaries; Gen. Richard Myers (USAF ret.), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 2001-2005, on how SecDef Carter’s proposed reforms would reshape the role of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs; John Donnelly of CQ Roll Call, on his exclusive report that the Pentagon claims it doesn’t need 20+% of its infrastructure; Beth McGrath, former Deputy Chief Management Officer of the Defense Department, on the new employee performance system for Pentagon civilian workers; and Mike Spitz of SAIC, Chairman of MODSIM World 2016, the largest modeling and simulation expo in the country, on how the Defense Department is using mod/sim to save money and do things it otherwise couldn’t do.

National Defense Week 4/17/2016

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