National Defense Week, April 3, 2016

Vice Admiral Carol Pottenger (USN ret.), former commander of Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, on women breaking glass ceilings in the military; Michael Sullivan, Director of Acquisition and Sourcing Management Issues at the Government Accountability Office, on his testimony to a House Armed Services subcommittee on the F-35, and his “difference of opinion” with the program’s head, Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan; Dave Wennergren, former Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer, Department of Defense, now at the Professional Services Council, on how the DoD hiring freeze will work, and who it will affect; Sandra Erwin, editor, National Defense magazine (not affiliated with National Defense Week), on the DoD’s appeal to the defense industrial base for technological innovation; and Ben FitzGerald, Director of the Technology and National Security Program at the Center for a New American Security, on the convergence of rapid acquisition, procurement reform, and innovation to avoid falling behind other nations.

National Defense Week 4/3/16

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