Tidd: combining NorthCom, SouthCom risks “hurting both, doing one well”

From Military.com:

“Without mentioning names, Adm. Kurt Tidd, commander of U.S. Southern Command, said that a Pentagon reform proposal for the merger of SouthCom with U.S. Northern Command put forward by [retired ADM James] Stavridis in his new career as an academic was not the way to go.

“NorthCom and SouthCom ‘are two full-time jobs in my book,’ Tidd said at an Atlantic Council forum on SouthCom’s expanding mission to partner with Latin American allies against crime, drugs and human trafficking networks.

“‘NorthCom is focused exclusively on the defense of the homeland. That’s a full-time job,’ Tidd said. ‘I think the American people expect us to defend the homeland. They also expect us to build these kinds of partnerships’ in SouthCom.

“Combining the two unified combatant commands would come ‘at the risk of hurting both, or doing one well,’ Tidd said, when ‘we know how to work together’ already. Tidd was not totally dismissive of Stavridis’ idea. ‘It bears study,’ he said, but putting it into effect ‘might open up a whole slew of unintended consequences.'”

This week’s National Defense Week features two highlights of ADM Tidd’s remarks.

ADM Tidd’s Atlantic Council event:

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